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Ryanair Strike

Following the announcement of the Ryanair Strikes due over the summer period, we here at tifgroup would like to clarify our position. The dates that have been released by Ryanair are 22th-23th August 2019 and 2nd-4th September 2019.



Our policies do not cover strike or industrial action which started or that had been announced before the date of your departure. We would refer clients to the airlines or their tour operator for compensation where “the other party to the contract will give prompt assistance to a consumer in difficulty”, as per the package travel regulations found here The Package Travel Compensation


Extension of your Travel Insurance

Cover will be extended in the event of a delay or failure of public transport services during your trip which result in you being unable to complete your trip before your travel policy expires.


In the event that you have specific questions not answered by this directive, please feel free to contact us on directivesqueries@tifgroup.co.uk we will endeavour to offer an answer.


This article was posted on 12-08-2019