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During the 2010 volcanic ash cloud disruption, the European Union were forced to shut down airspace, despite widespread protests from airlines. This resulted in thousands of holidaymakers unable to go on holiday or left stranded abroad wondering how they would get home.
In August 2014, there again were fears of a repeat of the ash cloud chaos. First Travel Insurance provides an extension that is available on all policies which offers volcanic ash cloud travel insurance / airspace closure protection. Whether you’re planning a short weekend break or you have booked the holiday of a lifetime, you may wish to consider airspace closure protection just in case there is volcanic ash disruption
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Key features and benefits of airspace closure protection:

  • Up to £7,500 cancellation cover per person, available on Platinum cover
  • Up to £100 for additional and unexpected costs e.g. emergency purchases for the first 24 hours you are waiting to depart
  • Up to £200 if you are delayed for 24 hours at your international departure airport
  • Up to £2,000 if your return journey home is delayed for 24 hours to pay for alternative travel arrangements so you can get home (providing your airline carrier is unable to after 72 hours)
  • Up to £250 for additional car parking costs
  • Cover is available to purchase on all First Travel Insurance Policies

Significant Exclusions

There are exclusions to the travel insurance policies, such as:
  • Pre-existing medical conditions unless accepted by the Insurer
  • Age limits
  • Eligibility – policies are only available to residents of the UK, Channel Island and Isle of Man
  • Trip duration limits
*Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of the significant exclusions of the policy. You will find further information on our Status Disclosure document and the Policy Wordings. Alternatively, please call us on 0344 482 4011 and we will be happy to assist.
Airspace Closure Protection
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