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Cover for Pre-Existing Medical Conditions 

Travel insurance is essential when travelling abroad. Without cover you are exposed to expensive medical bills if you were to suffer from illness or injury on your trip. Many people believe that the EHIC will cover all medical bills when travelling in Europe, however this is not the case. For example, an EHIC will not cover the costs of getting you home, or  pay for all of your treatment and medications.  If you are travelling outside of Europe, medical travel insurance becomes even more vital as medical treatment and repatriation costs can be huge if you were to suffer from any illness or injuries.

First Travel’s medical travel insurance provides cover for any costs that you might incur if you suffer a sudden and unforeseen illness or injury on your holiday. However, if you need additional cover for your pre-existing medical conditions, these can be assessed by our medical screening team on 0203 824 0735.

Our First Travel Policies have the following benefits available:

  •         Additional cover available for medical conditions
  •         A choice of cancellation cover from £500 to £10,000 per person
  •         Emergency medical expenses cover up to £10m per person
  •         24 hour a day, 7 days a week emergency medical assistance service
  •         No upper age limit on Single Trip travel insurance
  •         14 day cooling off period
  •         Optional extensions for trips involving Golf, Fishing, a Timeshare or a business trip


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