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Optional Extras

We offer a range of Optional Extras on our policies, including:
  • Gadget Cover: Cover if your gadget is lost, stolen or damaged on your trip, up to a maximum of £2,000.
  • Airspace Closure Cover: Cover if there is closure of Airspace due to a volcanic eruption which may delay your outbound and return journey back to the UK. For full cover details please see the Policy Wording. Add airspace closure cover by selecting this option and paying the additional premium.
  • Business Cover:Add business cover to protect your business equipment if it is lost, stolen, damaged or delayed. If you are unable to fulfil your business trip, due to illness, we will cover the costs for a replacement employee to takeover. Add business cover by selecting this option and paying the additional premium.
  • Golf Cover: Golf cover provides protection for your golf equipment, if it is lost, stolen or damaged. Cover also available if you are unable to play due to adverse weather conditions. You are covered if your golf equipment is delayed by 12 hours. Please see the Policy Wording for full details of cover. Add golf cover by selecting this option and paying the additional premium.
  • Double Excess: This option provides you with a premium discount, however you opt to pay double the Policy Excess’s displayed in the policy in respect of each and every claim
  • Excess Waiver: If you select Excess waiver, the excess will be reduced to Nil in the event of a claim. Note: Any excess imposed by Travel Administration Facilities following a call to the Medical Screening Line will still apply.

  • Timeshare Cover: If you are unable to go on your trip or need to come home early, we will pay up to 5% of the original purchase price paid for the period of the timeshare you are unable to use, plus the management charge for this period. Please refer to the Policy Wording for cover limits and cover details.


To add any of these extensions to your policy, simply select them on the options page of the quote process.