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Activity packs – Single Trip & Annual Multi Trip

If you wish to partake in any activities whilst on your trip abroad, you need to ensure you have the correct level of cover.

To do this, simply check our list below and find your chosen activity. 

Please note, you will not be covered unless the appropriate activity pack has been applied to your policy and you have paid the appropriate premium.

Please note that all of the activities are covered on a non-professional and non-competitive basis, unless otherwise stated. All activities marked in italics and underlined do not have Personal Liability cover or Accidental Death and Disability cover.


Activity Pack 1 – Covered as standard


Aerobics, Amateur Athletic Field Events, Amateur Athletic Track Events, Angling/Fishing (freshwater), Animal Sanctuary (non big game), Archery, Badminton, Bamboo Rafting, Banana Boating, Bar
Work, Baseball, Basketball, Billiards, Bird Watching, Board & Card Games, Body Boarding, Boules, Bowling, Bowls, Bridge Swinging, Bungee Jumping, Camel/Elephant Riding/Trekking (UK booked), Camping, Canoeing/Kayaking (White Water Grades 1-3), Caravanning, Catamaran Sailing (In-shore), Clay Pigeon Shooting, Cricket, Croquet, Curling, Cycle Touring/Leisure Biking (up to 1,000m), Dancing, Darts, Disc Golf, Diving (Indoor up to 5m), Dragon Boat Racing, Fell Running (up to 1,000m), Fencing, Fives, Flag Football, Flying as passenger (private/small aircraft/helicopter), Football/Soccer – Practice and Training, Frisbee (recreational), Golf, Handball – Practice and Training, Highland games, Horse Riding (No Jumping), Hot Air Ballooning, Indoor Skating (not ice), Jet
Boating, Jet Skiing, Kiting, Korfball, Laser Tag, Low Ropes, Marathons, Mini-Golf, Model Flying, Model sports, Mountain Biking (up to 1,000m), Netball, Orienteering, Petanque, Peteca, Pigeon Racing, Pony Trekking, Pool, Quoits, Rackets, Racquetball, Rafting (White Water Grades 1-3), Re-Enactment, Rifle Range, Ringos, River Punting, Roller Blading/Skating (not ice)/Skate Boarding/Scooters (non motorised), Rounders, Rowing (inshore –recreational), Safari (UK organised), Safari Trekking (UK organised), Sailing/Yachting (recreational – inshore), Scuba Diving (not solo, up to maximum 30m), Segway (supervised, non-competitive), Snorkelling (not open water), Softball, Squash, Stoolball, Swimming (pool – not open water), Swimming off a boat (with a qualified supervisor in attendance – i.e. a lifeguard), Swimming with Dolphins (Pool, not open water), Sydney Harbour Bridge Climbing (Professional organised and supervised), Table Tennis, Ten Pin Bowling, Tennis, Theme Parks, Trekking/Mountain Walking/Hiking/Rambling/Mountaineering (in group) all up to 1,000m, Tubing, Tug of War, Unicycle riding, Volleyball, Water Parks, Whale Watching (professionally organised), Yachting (Inshore – crewing), Yoga.


Activity Pack 2 – Additional Premium required (in addition to the activities listed under Pack 1)


Abseiling (Indoor/Outdoor climbing wall up to 25m), Adventure Racing (up to 6 hours), Airsoft, Angling/Fishing (Sea), Camel/Elephant Riding/Trekking (non-UK booked), Climbing (Indoor/Outdoor climbing wall up to 25m), Cross Country Running, Diving (Indoor up to 10m), Dry Slope Skiing, Falconry, Fell Running (up to 2,000m), Fly boarding, Football/Soccer – Organised Amateur Match, Frisbee (Ultimate Frisbee), Gaelic Football, Gorilla Trekking (Booked pre-trip – requires appropriate trekking altitude pack), Gymnastics, Handball (Organised Amateur Match), Hockey (Field – Organised Amateur Match), Ice Skating, Iron Man, Judo (Organised Training), Karate (Organised Training), Kendo (Organised Training), Lacrosse, Martial Arts (Organised Training), Mountain Biking (up to 2,000m), Paint Balling, Parasailing, Parascending (Over water), Rap Running/Jumping (Indoor/Outdoor climbing wall up to 25m), Rugby (Training), Safari (non UK booked), Safari Trekking (non UK booked), Sand Yachting, Sea Canoeing/Kayaking (inshore), Shark Diving/Swimming (Cage), Shinty, Street Hockey, Surf life-saving (organised competition), Surfing, Tough Mudder, Trampolining,
Trekking/Mountain Walking/Hiking/Rambling/Mountaineering (in group) all up to 2,000m, Triathlon, up to 1 day Skiing (On Piste)/Dry slope Skiing/Snowboarding (On Piste), War Games/Paint Balling, Water Polo, Water Skiing (No Jumping), Weight Lifting, Windsurfing/Boardsailing/Sailboarding, Wrestling (Organised Training).


Activity Pack 3 – Additional Premium required (in addition to the activities listed under Pack 1 & 2) – Included upon payment of winter sports premium


Adventure Racing (up 12 hours), American Football (Organised & with Safety Equipment), Animal Sanctuary (Big Game), Biathlon, Big Foot Skiing, Blade Skating, Breathing Observation Bubble (BOB), Canoeing/Kayaking (White Water Grade 4), Canyoning, Cat Skiing, Equestrian, Flying (Crew/Pilot), Flying Helicopter (Pilot), Glacier Walking, Gliding (non-competitive), Go Karting, Gorge Walking (with ropes), Gorilla Trekking (booked during trip – requires appropriate trekking altitude pack), Harness Racing, Hockey (Ice) With Full Body Protection, Horse Jumping (no Polo, no Hunting), Horse
Riding (Eventing), Husky Dog Sledding, Hydro Zorbing, Kick Sledging, Land Skiing, Langlauf, Modern Pentathlon, Mono-Skiing, Mountain Boarding, Octopush, Off Road Motorcycling (up to 250cc), Off-piste skiing/snowboarding (with guide), Passenger Sledge, Power Boating (inshore), Power lifting, Quad Bikes (Providing you wear a helmet), Rafting (White Water Grade 4), River Tubing, Rodeo, Roller Hockey, Rugby (Amateur Game), Sand Boarding, Sand Dune Surfing/Skiing, Ski Boarding, Ski Bobbing, Ski Dooing, Skiing, Skiing – Nordic/Cross Country, Sledging/Tobogganing, Sleigh riding (Reindeer, Horses or Dogs), Snorkelling – Open Water, Snow Biking, Snow Mobile/Ski Doos*, Snow Parascending, Snow Scooting, Snow Shoe Walking, Snow Tubing, Snowcat Driving, Speed Sailing (in shore), Speed Skating, Speed Trials/Time Trials (Organised, not public roads), Summer Tobogganing, Swimming (open water), Swimming off of a boat (Unsupervised and / or no lifeguard), Swimming with Dolphins – Open Water, Telemarking, Tree Top Canopy Walking, Under 17 Driving (not public roads), Zorb Football.


Activity Pack 4 – Additional Premium required (in addition to the activities listed under Pack 1-3)


Blowcarting/Land Yachting/Kite Buggy, Boxing Training, Devil Karting, Dirt Boarding, Fell Running (up to 3,000m), Gorge Walking (no ropes), High Diving, Jousting, Kite-Boarding/Surfing, Motorised Buggying, Mountain Biking (up to 3,000m), Paragliding, Parascending (over land), Roller Skating (24 hour relay), Ski Biking, Ski Blading /Snow Blading, Skiing – Snowcat, Snow Karting, Snow Surfing,
Trekking/Mountain Walking/Hiking/Rambling/Mountaineering- in group (up to 3,000m) Wake Boarding, Water Skiing (Jumping).


Activity Pack 5 – Additional Premium required (in addition to the activities listed under Pack 1-4)


Abseiling (outdoor above 25m), Caving/Pot Holing, Climbing (Rock & Ice), Fell Running (up to 4,000m), Heli-skiing, Hurling, Hydrospeeding, Ice Go Carting, Ice Windsurfing, Mountain Biking (up to 4,000m), Polo, Polo cross, Rap Running/Jumping (Outdoor above 25m), River Bugging, Skeleton, Ski Mountaineering (up to 4,000m), Ski Randonee, Ski Run / Walking (up to 4,000m), Ski Touring (up to 4,000m), Ski Joering, Skiing – Freestyle, Skiing – Glacier, Snow Kiting, Trekking/Mountain Walking / Hiking / Rambling / Mountaineering – in group (up to 4,000m), Via Ferratta, Wind Tunnel Flying/Indoor Sky Diving, Zorbing/Sphering.


Activity Pack 6 – Additional Premium required (in addition to the activities listed under Pack 1-5)


Adventure Racing (up to 24 hours), Assault Courses including High Ropes, Black Water Rafting, Bull Riding, Canoeing/Kayaking (White Water Grade 5), Cave Diving, Cave Tubing, Cycling Racing, Cyclo Cross, Freestyle Skateboarding, Gliding (competition), Hang Gliding, Micro Lighting, Motocross, Motor Racing/Rallies/Competitions (amateur), Off-Piste Skiing/Snowboarding (Without a Guide), Parapenting/Paraponting, Power Boating (off shore), Power Gliding, Power Kiting, Rafting (White Water Grade 5), Scuba Diving (not solo – to 40m), Ski Flying, Slack-Lining, Trekking/Mountain Walking/Hiking/Rambling/Mountaineering – in group (Inca – Trail), Wicker Basket Tobogganing, Zip Trekking.


Activity Pack 7- Additional Premium required (in addition to the activities listed under Pack 1-6)


Adventure Racing (up to 36 hours), BMX Freestyle & Racing, Downhill Mountain Biking, Fell Running (up to 5,000m), Kloofing, Mountain Biking (up to 5,000m), Scuba Diving (Solo) – up to 40m, Ski Mountaineering (up to 5,000m), Ski Run / Walking (up to 5,000m), Ski Touring (up to 5,000m), Solo Climbing/Mountaineering (up to 5,000m), Tandem Skydive (up to 2 jumps maximum),
Trekking/Mountain Walking/Hiking/Rambling/Mountaineering- in group (up to 5,000m).


Activity Pack 8 – Additional Premium required (in addition to the activities listed under Pack 1-7)


Adventure Racing (up to 48 hours), Airboarding, Alligator Wrestling, Bobsleigh, Bouldering, Boxing, Bull Running, Coasteering, Drag Racing, Fell Running (up to 6,000m), Free Diving, Ice Diving, Ice Holing, Ice Marathon, Ice Speedway, Judo (competition), Karate (competition), Kendo (competition), Luge/Bobsleigh, Martial Arts (competition), Mixed Gas Diving, Mountain Biking (up to 6,000m),
Parachuting, Potholing, Rowing (Off-shore Recreational), Sailing/Yachting (Off-shore recreational), Shark Diving/Swimming (no cage, full safety equipment and supervised), Ski Acrobatics, Ski Jumping, Ski Mountaineering (up to 6,000m), Ski Racing, Ski Run / Walking (up to 6,000m), Ski Stunting, Ski Touring (up to 6,000m), Skiing – Para, Sky Diving, Sky Jumping, Sky Surfing, Tree Top Canopy Walking (set up), Trekking/Mountain Walking/Hiking/Rambling/Mountaineering- in group (up to 6,000m), Wrestling (Amateur competition), Yachting (racing/crewing) – outside territorial waters (offshore)